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Meridianbet.co.tz is fully owned by by Gaming Africa ( T ) ltd registered in Tanzania,Dar es Salaam under registration number 46239.

Meridianbet.co.tz Commitment
Gambling is an exciting adult leisure pursuit and, at Meridianbet.co.tz, we want our customersto enjoy betting and gaming with us. We are committed to providing our customers with anefficient, secure, fair and socially responsible service. We therefore have in place anumber of measures that we believe both assist and reassure customers.

Under Age Gambling
Gambling whilst under the age of 18 is a criminal offence and Meridianbet.co.tz takes its responsibilities to prevent access by under-18s very seriously indeed.

Access to Customer History
Customers can easily access a full history of transactions, withdrawals and deposits. A customer's balance is always available through the 'Your Account'/'Statements' page.

Staff Training
All our management and customer service staff receive awareness training on problem gambling issues.

Keeping Control
Whilst the majority of people do gamble within their means, for some gambling can become a problem. It may help you to keep control to remember the following:

# Area Location
1 Buguruni Sokoni Street, next to Catholic Church inside Chawata
2 Fire / Kariakoo Fire Brigade bus station, next to Puma petrol station
3 Kariakoo Turn right from Msimbazi road, to Mafia Street. Opposite Muhimbili bus station from Kariakoo
4 Kariakoo Corner of Msimbazi Road and Narung'ombe Street. Opposite Oilcom or DDC Building (Post Bank)
5 Kariakoo Palace Hotel. Sikukuu and Swahili Street
6 Kariakoo Junction of Sikukuu and Amani, opposite Suchak's
7 Keko Ngomati Street, Keko Juu behind DDC building
8 Kinondoni From Manyanya Bus station, three streets away on right hand side on Togo Street, Ashura Macheni Bar
9 Kinondoni Kawawa Road, Mkwajuni opposite Islamic Mosque
10 Magomeni Magomeni Mapipa, right side of Morogoro main Road. Near by Deluxe Bar and Chipolopolo Magomeni
11 Manzese Tip Top bus station, Left side from Manzese Junction off Makutano Street
12 Manzese Manzase Bus Station (Kwa Mzungu) opposite Highway Hotel
13 Mikocheni From Morroco, Kawawa Road straight to Old Bagamoyo Road Shoppers Plaza, First Floor opposite Flirtease Restaurant
14 Mtongani Kilwa Road, near by Azizi Ali round about
15 Tandale Tandale Street, opposite Fruit Market
16 Tandika Tandika round about, under the same roof with Majaribio Bar
17 Ubungo Kibangu Behind Mandela Road, near Makoka bus station
18 Vinguguti Nyamani Road, Spenco

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Meridianbet.co.tz strives to create a responsible and humble gaming environment for each and everyone playing in countries where the gaming environment is lawful.